Customer Service Representative 2013

Address customer inquiries proactively and offer strategic assistance in resolving their issues. Proficiently handle and resolve customer concerns in accordance with company guidelines and established policies. Additionally, apprise customers of supplementary services that align with their specific requirements.


Creating or editing logo, designing tarpaulin, web headers, brochures and other design that will describe the client’s business, making sure it will be relevant to their type of business which can help them with their own clients.

Software Engineer 2015-2023

Junior Software Engineer 2015 – 2020

Senior Software Engineer 2020 – 2023

  • Performs various maintenance work, including fixing/debugging problems that are found in the web pages of the client. Such issues encompass, but are not limited to, rectifying missing image or document links, addressing inaccuracies in information, and restoring corrupted web pages.
  • Introduces improvements, such as incorporating new image links and optimizing page layouts to enhance the overall user experience in alignment with client preferences.
  • Maintains clear and consistent communication with clients via email and phone, ensuring updates pertaining to project progress are relayed effectively. This includes heads of some U.S. based clients.