Software Engineer

I have been employed as a Software Engineer at Straive for nearly 8 years. During this tenure, I held the position of a Junior Software Engineer for 7 years, followed by a promotion to Senior Software Engineer for a period of 10 months. While I have found great satisfaction in my role as a software engineer at Straive, I am now considering exploring entrepreneurship and establishing myself as an independent professional in the freelancing domain, actively seeking clients to provide my services.



In 2015, I successfully completed my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Negros Oriental State University, located in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

Fish Keeper

I am an avid enthusiast of aquatic life and currently engage in fishkeeping. Among my prized collection is a 2-year-old Super Red Arowana, affectionately named “Rengoku” after a beloved anime character. My diverse aquatic inventory also includes 2 Indonesian Tigers, 2 Emperor Blue Hooks, 1 Endlicheri Bichir, 1 Albino Senegal Bichir, and 1 Ornate Bichir. With an aim to create a visually pleasing and calming environment for moments of stress relief, I plan to introduce additional tank mates in the near future.

I also created this logo for my fish keeping group named “357 Fish Keepers”.


I have a genuine affinity for coffee, enjoying it in both hot and iced forms. While I do have a preference for hot coffee, I equally relish the pleasure of indulging in iced coffee. My top choice among the iced coffee varieties is the caramel-flavored offering from Don Macchiatos.